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Leadership and management:

We continue to develop leadership by:

  • Developing the teaching school alliance.
  • Developing the Senior Leadership team.
  • Supporting and challenging school development through the New Federated Governing Body – especially Teaching & Learning and outcomes.

Success criteria:

  • New roles for the leadership team are established.
  • New Federated Governing Body is well-established and continues to support and challenge school development.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare:

  • New behaviour policy implemented across the whole school.
  • New system set up to monitor SEN provision.
  • Regular monitoring of attendance particularly those with attendance less than 95%.

Success Criteria:

  • All children feel safe and happy and show god learning behaviours which allow them to make at least expected progress.
  • Identified children have clear behaviour plans which results in an improvement in their behaviour.
  • Attendance for all children will continue to improve so that it is line with National results.

Outcomes for pupils:

  • A key focus is to ensure that outcomes, in both Maths and Literacy, for the Academically More Able pupils are in line with National results.
  • Termly Pupil Progress Meetings to track the progress of each child in the school.
  • Half-termly moderation of children’s progress and attainment to ensure that end of year data is accurate.
  • A key priority for Key Stage 1 is to improve the phonics results for those pupils in Year 1 taking the test and for those pupils in Year 2 retaking the test.

Success Criteria:

  • Data across the school shows that 85% of children are making better or expected progress with 15% making better than expected progress.
  • AMA data is line with the National average.
  • All assessments are accurate and moderated across year groups and other schools.
  • Phonics teaching ensures that pupils make expected progress and attainment.
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