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Leadership and management:

We continue to develop leadership by:

  • All key stage leaders monitoring and developing action plans.

  • Establishing coaching for senior leaders in partnership with Hangleton primary school.

  • National leadership programmes available to middle and senior leaders

  • Subject leaders working across cluster to ensure assessment and moderation is in place across all subject areas.

  • Subject leaders ensuring coverage of curriculum area meets the needs of all our children.

  • Senior leaders and school business manager develop strategic options for staffing and organisation of school

Success criteria:

  • Key stage leaders develop and monitor action plans ensuring quality first teaching through appropriate and differentiated planning. This will result in good progress for all children.

  • Senior leaders, including governors, establish systems and plans to ensure Benfield is resourced and financially stable for the future.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare:

  • To continue to develop understanding, tolerance and respect for all groups within our community. This will include working with parents and other community groups to widen knowledge.

  • School council to conduct questionnaire on playtimes and work with parents to develop outdoor environment.

  • Senior leaders to shadow children to see the school from the eyes of a child. All groups of children will be considered and feedback given to staff and governors.

  • Parents invited into school to view key learning with their children i.e poetry or performance afternoons.

  • Attendance is high priority with particular emphasis on children with less than 90% attendance.

Success Criteria:

  • Pupil voice is developed so that all children have opportunities to feedback on their learning.

  • Pupils learning is actively shared with parents/carers so they have a good understanding of their children’s learning

  • All children feel safe and supported in school

  • Attendance continues to improve

Outcomes for pupils:

  • Reading is a key priority across the school and all staff will have opportunities for professional development to improve teaching of reading and progress of children.

  • Core texts are established across the school and in place for all year groups.

  • Book week will give opportunities to create their own book which will be displayed at an exhibition for parents/carers.

  • New systems in place for assessment of reading.

Success Criteria:

  • Data for reading increases

  • Accurate assessments are established

  • Children enjoy reading